Monday, January 23, 2017

OKC Philharmonic Foundation Starts Students Young

As a board member for six nonprofit organizations in Oklahoma City, Duke Ligon’s charitable endeavours are wide ranging. Duke Ligon is an attorney with more than 35 years of experience in energy law, while his nonprofit efforts are heavily focused on arts and education, including his position with the Oklahoma City Philharmonic Foundation.

In addition to bringing highly-regarded musicians to perform in Oklahoma City’s Civic Center Music Hall, OKC Philharmonic partners with local schools to inspire and entertain students. Eight youth concerts are held each year free of charge for more than 17,000 students in Oklahoma in grades three through five. 

In-school programs and other educational opportunities are also offered for young students who are musically inclined. Sound Images, an art program and contest for students in grades three through eight, aims to foster students’ creativity through orchestral music. The We’ve Got Rhythm program, meanwhile, gives kids an introduction to the orchestra and includes an in-class performance from OKC Philharmonic musicians who are encouraged to engage with students. Various programs and internship opportunities are also offered for high school and college students.

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