Tuesday, January 19, 2016

About Duke Ligon

With a background in the energy sector extending more than 40 years, Duke Ligon is an Oklahoma City attorney who practices corporate law. He has in-depth knowledge of the oil industry spanning the United States and abroad and is conversant in legal issues surrounding natural gas, mining, and the environment. Duke Ligon was involved in energy policy planning and regulation in the 1970s and directed programs that furthered exploration into alternative sources of energy.

Duke Ligon’s public policy background includes leading the American Energy Working Group within the OECD in 1973-1974. In charge of an oil import program at the height of the Arab oil embargo, he spearheaded efforts to collect fundamental data for use by the White House’s Energy Policy Office and the Oil Policy Committee. He subsequently guided the U.S. delegation working group that informed the establishment of an International Energy Agency. 

He owns Mekusukey Oil Company and holds board responsibilities with a number of prominent energy companies spanning Oklahoma, Texas, and California. Community involved, he sits on the Major Gifts Committee of the Board of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. He is also a board member with the Civil War Trust and holds seats on the finance, audit, and battlefield preservation committees.