Saturday, April 11, 2020

Oklahoma Historical Society Sites and Museums

Duke Ligon of Oklahoma City has spent decades as a leader in the oil and gas industry. He has excelled in roles such as owner and chief executive officer of Mekusukey Oil, Co., and senior vice president and general counsel of Devon Energy, Corp., in Oklahoma City. In 2018, Duke Ligon was appointed by Governor Mary Falin to the board of directors of the Oklahoma Historical Society.

The Oklahoma Historical Society’s History Center is a 215,000-square-foot facility that maintains a range of online and in-person educational resources for teachers and students. However, the facility is just one of many museums and historical sites under the organization’s aegis. Museums under the historical society’s stewardship include the Museum of the Western Prairie, which traces the state's origins back to the formation of the Wichita Mountains 300 million years ago, and the Cherokee Strip Museum and Rose Hill School, which features an authentic blacksmith's shop. The society is also responsible for the Spiro Mounds Archaeological Center, a 150-acre preservation site along the Arkansas River.

Military sites managed by the society range from battlefields, such as Cabin Creek and Honey Springs, to numerous historic military installations, including Fort Gibson, Fort Supply, and Fort Towson. Finally, multiple historic properties belonging to important state figures are preserved by the historical society. A few of these homes include the A. J. Seay Mansion, established in 1892 by Governor Seay in attempts to position Kingfisher as the territory’s capital, and the home of Fred Drummond, who controlled one of the region’s most successful trading and ranching operations.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Merger and Acquisition Advising by PJ Solomon

Duke Ligon, an energy sector professional with more than five decades of experience, joined the Peter J. Solomon Company (PJ Solomon) as a senior advisor in 2017. In addition to his work as an advisor, Duke Ligon functions as principal owner and chief executive officer of the Mekusukey Oil Company.

A leading financial advisory firm and one of the nation’s first independent investment banks, Peter J. Solomon is active across a range of diverse business sectors, from energy to industrial technology and software. As an advisory firm, PJ Solomon is particularly experienced when it comes to providing creative solutions over the course of mergers and acquisition processes.

The banking team at PJ Solomon has an unrivaled track record when it comes to mergers and acquisitions across all active business sectors. Transactions are always supported with personalized tactics and solutions, though the overarching goal of each transaction is to provide the client and shareholders with optimal long-term value. Services provided by dedicated mergers and acquisition bankers include carrying out sales divestitures, performing extensive valuation analyses, and providing insight as to the ideal timing and structuring of a transaction.

Bankers at PJ Solomon also analyze financial and strategic alternatives that may result in increased shareholder value. To learn more about mergers and acquisitions, as well as other advisory services, please visit

Monday, June 18, 2018

Peter J. Solomon Company Offers Special Committee for Objective Advice

Hailing from Oklahoma City, Duke Ligon serves as senior vice president of Mekusukey Oil Company, a private mineral investment firm. Outside of his business, Duke Ligon advises the Peter J. Solomon Company, a Houston-based energy practice.

When large businesses confront financial decisions involving a potential conflict of interest, the best route often can be appointing a special committee made up of independent advisors and external financial experts without a stake in the transaction. The Peter J. Solomon Company provides this professional service to its clients to ensure they have an objective financial advisor available to them who is free of conflicts.

Known as the firm’s Special Committee & Fairness Opinion Practice, this branch of Peter J. Solomon has advised companies on complex, high-stakes deals such as stock-for-stock mergers, joint ventures, cross-border acquisitions, leveraged recapitalizations, and more. The firm guarantees that it has no business or financial conflicts related to securities research, trading, or ownership.

Monday, May 14, 2018

New Client Engagement Process at Heritage Trust

Oklahoma City executive Duke Ligon possesses a diverse professional background with a history of leadership positions within several businesses and organizations. Drawing from over three decades of experience in corporate legal affairs, Duke Ligon serves on the board of directors for Heritage Trust. Heritage staff create customized engagement plans for new clients that accommodate their needs in relation to financial planning, trust administration, and investment, as well as real estate and oil and gas management. 

On their first day with Heritage, new clients work with a relationship manager to execute a trust or agency agreement. The manager will handle the transfer of assets and ensure the completion of all proper documentation. To govern matters going forward, discussions regarding the company’s risk tolerance questionnaire also take place at this point. Over the next two to four weeks, managers will develop and execute the plan as agreed on day one, as well as review account objectives and financial plans and invest in assets according to the plan. 

In addition, clients will receive regular communications from Heritage managers over the course of the agreement. Communications formats include monthly statements, quarterly performance reports, and periodic proactive communications. Clients also meet with managers for an annual review of their agreement which allows them to review the account’s performance and make necessary updates to objectives and financial plans.