Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Longhorn Foundation - Helping UT Athletes Achieve Their Dreams

Duke Ligon of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, whose career encompasses work as corporate counsel and as an advisor for the boards of directors for a number of notable energy-focused companies, is a proud graduate of the University of Texas School of Law. His extensive support for his alma mater includes service as the first-ever out-of-state president of the law school’s association. In addition, Duke Ligon has spent a decade as a member of the Longhorn Foundation, UT’s official athletics fundraising organization.

The Longhorn Foundation, established three decades ago, operates in the interests of promoting the futures of UT’s hundreds of student athletes. Founder DeLoss Dodds set up the group in order to give the school’s donors the opportunity to invest in the athletic, educational, and long-term goals of its sportsmen and sportswomen. The organization continues to strive to increase athletes’ connections to experienced coaches, and to ensure that they receive high-quality academic support. 

Donated funds additionally go toward providing for the extra nutritional needs of the student athletes, as well as for strength training, leadership development, and travel expenses.

The foundation also works with the mission of promoting values such as integrity on and off the playing field, an appreciation for diversity, and a quest for overall excellence.