Monday, May 14, 2018

New Client Engagement Process at Heritage Trust

Oklahoma City executive Duke Ligon possesses a diverse professional background with a history of leadership positions within several businesses and organizations. Drawing from over three decades of experience in corporate legal affairs, Duke Ligon serves on the board of directors for Heritage Trust. Heritage staff create customized engagement plans for new clients that accommodate their needs in relation to financial planning, trust administration, and investment, as well as real estate and oil and gas management. 

On their first day with Heritage, new clients work with a relationship manager to execute a trust or agency agreement. The manager will handle the transfer of assets and ensure the completion of all proper documentation. To govern matters going forward, discussions regarding the company’s risk tolerance questionnaire also take place at this point. Over the next two to four weeks, managers will develop and execute the plan as agreed on day one, as well as review account objectives and financial plans and invest in assets according to the plan. 

In addition, clients will receive regular communications from Heritage managers over the course of the agreement. Communications formats include monthly statements, quarterly performance reports, and periodic proactive communications. Clients also meet with managers for an annual review of their agreement which allows them to review the account’s performance and make necessary updates to objectives and financial plans.

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