Saturday, April 11, 2020

Oklahoma Historical Society Sites and Museums

Duke Ligon of Oklahoma City has spent decades as a leader in the oil and gas industry. He has excelled in roles such as owner and chief executive officer of Mekusukey Oil, Co., and senior vice president and general counsel of Devon Energy, Corp., in Oklahoma City. In 2018, Duke Ligon was appointed by Governor Mary Falin to the board of directors of the Oklahoma Historical Society.

The Oklahoma Historical Society’s History Center is a 215,000-square-foot facility that maintains a range of online and in-person educational resources for teachers and students. However, the facility is just one of many museums and historical sites under the organization’s aegis. Museums under the historical society’s stewardship include the Museum of the Western Prairie, which traces the state's origins back to the formation of the Wichita Mountains 300 million years ago, and the Cherokee Strip Museum and Rose Hill School, which features an authentic blacksmith's shop. The society is also responsible for the Spiro Mounds Archaeological Center, a 150-acre preservation site along the Arkansas River.

Military sites managed by the society range from battlefields, such as Cabin Creek and Honey Springs, to numerous historic military installations, including Fort Gibson, Fort Supply, and Fort Towson. Finally, multiple historic properties belonging to important state figures are preserved by the historical society. A few of these homes include the A. J. Seay Mansion, established in 1892 by Governor Seay in attempts to position Kingfisher as the territory’s capital, and the home of Fred Drummond, who controlled one of the region’s most successful trading and ranching operations.

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